Generation Ganassi

We want to thank you for your Gen G application and your patience in this our first year of administering the mentorship program.
It was incredibly difficult to choose the most deserving applicants from a very deserving pool of over 100 applicants.  We went through all the applicants and found what we think were the most deserving candidates from their success both on and off the track.  We have informed all the winners over the last few days and will be making the announcement later today.
We very much appreciate your interest in Chip Ganassi Racing, the Gen G program specifically and your passion for racing.
It is because of young talented racers like yourself that America has such an affinity for motorsports across all its forms.
Thanks again for your continued interest in Chip Ganassi Racing.
All the best,
Chip Ganassi Racing Teams

2016 Gen G Class:

Derek Kraus
Christian Schneider
Brandon Lemke
Tyler Ankrum
Ryan Norman
James Setters
Tommy McCarthy

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